sep 06

Unboxing the Xbox One Day One Edition (PAL)

After a delay of about nine months, on September 5th 2014 the Xbox One was finally officially released in all of Europe. It’s kind of a weird situation, because the console has been out for almost a year in parts of Europe, whereas other parts haven’t received Microsoft’s new console yet until now. Why did they make this decision? The initial story was that Microsoft wanted to localize Kinect speech commands for the remaining countries, but this seems like an unnecessarily radical measure for something so trivial. What’s more, the Xbox One released in the Netherlands still doesn’t support Dutch voice commands, so if this was the reason, Microsoft failed spectacularly. It probably has to do with Microsoft wanting to focus on the more important markets, especially the US, since that is where they dominated last generation. The remaining countries where so-called ‘Tier 2′ territories.

In any case, the console is out now, and by this time there are already several more options available than when it launched in the Tier 1 countries. Most importantly, a cheaper version without Kinect, and several other bundles are on the way. But there is also a Day One Edition as there was at the original launch, which makes sense because after all, this is the console’s Day One for these remaining markets.


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sep 04

Splinter Cell Conviction Limited Collector’s Edition

Splinter Cell Conviction was released in 2009 for both Xbox 360 and PC. On both platforms there was the option of either buying the regular version, of three different expanded versions: the Special Edition (called Shadow Edition), the Collector’s Edition and the Limited Collector’s Edition, their availability depending on the region. Yeah, talk about confusing. Either way, the one shown below is the Limited Collector’s Edition for Xbox 360.


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