Rayman Origins Collector’s Edition

Rayman Origins released in late 2011, initially for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii. In Europe, buyers could also purchase a special collector’s edition, for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. This is the Xbox 360 version.


This is one of the more unique and original collector’s editions I have seen. If you pull out the ‘drawer’, the paper characters and backgrounds will fold out to form a diorama in front of your eyes. This represents the actual style of the game, with layers of hand-drawn graphics.



In the box you will find the regular case of the game.


The game also comes with a soundtrack cd in a separate paper sleeve. Both the disc and the holder a richly decorated with artwork from the game.


Also included is a small, but hard cover art book. The cool thing about these arts is that the game looks exactly like this. So it’s not just concept art, in a way it shows the actual backgrounds, enemies, and objects that are in the game.





This is a great collector’s edition because it’s very original, and it uses the style of the game itself for the presentation of the box. There’s something magical and playful about a  tridimensional world created of paper.


Also, for a collector’s edition of this size it comes with quite a few extras, aside from the diorama it also has a soundtrack (and an actual one in its own sleeve, not just digital) and a hardcover art book. Despite this it’s still compact in size, and therefore easy to store, and it’s also pretty sturdy. In conclusion, a very well done collector’s edition.


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