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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Limited Collector’s Edition

Final Fantasy XIII-2 was released in 2012 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In Europe, no less than 4 special editions were made available as alternatives to the regular game, the most expensieve being the Crystal Edition. Then there’s the Nordic Edition, which, as the name suggest was only available in the Nordic countries, and a steelbook that some stores offered as a pre-order bonus. Lastly, there is the more common Limited Collector’s Edition, which is the one shown here.

The game comes in a white box made of shiny, sturdy paper, with a hinge lid. It contains several extras, and of course the game itself.




One of the extras is a lenticular card featuring a (medium close) art work of Lightning. The effect doesn’t show on the photo, of course, but this has quite a bit of depth to it, using different layers.


There is also an official soundtrack, which comes in a separate paper cd sleeve.


Furthermore, there are some post cards featuring the important characters of the game.


Lastly, this edition comes with a small art book, containing art works of the characters and environments.






This is a pretty neat collector’s edition. The extras aren’t particularly impressive – the post cards are small and the art book is thin and doesn’t have a hard cover – but  it does come with a physical soundtrack cd, and all in all the presentation is just nicely done. I like how it all fits in a sturdy, compact box that isn’t too large. What is also nice is that you get the regular case of the game with it.


In conclusion, there’s really not much to complain about with this collector’s edition. Sure, it’s not one of those crazy huge boxes, but you do get a very decent amount of extras for a good price. Also, the presentation of the overall package is pretty neat.

Final Fantasy XIII-2-Collector's-Edition-Contents