Collector's Editions

The Last of Us Joel Edition

The Last of Us was released in June 2013, exclusively for PlayStation 3. Several retail edition were available. In the US buyers could choose between the Post-Pandemic Edition and the Survival Edition. In Europe, two other collector’s editions were available: the Joel Edition and the Ellie Edition. Both have more or less the same content and presentation, but one is dedicated to Joel while the other is all about Ellie. The one described here is the Joel Edition.



The presentation is very unique: the contents come in a wrapped canvas bundle with pockets on the inside, similar to what an artist would use for his pencils. It’s looks like something one could carry when traveling around, which ties in with the theme of the game.



The bundle is held shut using pieces of velcro. The contents itself aren’t too spectacular: first there’s a sticker for the PlayStation 3 controller (which in this edition features Joel). It also comes with a shiny Naughty Dog sticker.



There’s also a small comic book about Ellie’s backstory (even though this is the Joel Edition, both versions include the same comic).



This edition also comes with a poster featuring a close up of Joel from the front, half of his face obscured by shadows. This is the same picture that’s on the front of the holder, including the title of the game in the corner. But it has the same problem a lot of posters that come with games have: it has been folded up several times, resulting in what you see below.


The art book is nice, it has a hard cover and features some very impressive artwork. Especially the two page spreads of the different environments, but also the pages with all the different (makeshift) weapons are worth noting.








As for digital content included in this edition: there’s a dynamic theme, a digital download of the soundtrack and two PSN avatars of Joel and Ellie in winter gear. These things together form the ‘Sights and Sounds Pack’. Aside from this, it comes with the ‘Survival Pack’: special customizable items for the multiplayer, ingame currency for use right away, bonus experience points, a melee attack booster and two bonus skins for Joel and Ellie, which can be used after beating the game. Finally, this version gives you access to a Joel costume for Little Big Planet.


Then there’s the game itself, which comes in a fold out paper box. On the front is once again the same picture of Joel.


The back shows a scene of Joel and Ellie with a sniper rifle, and another one shows Joel being attacked by an enemy.


On the inside is a large illustration of Joel and Ellie, a holder for the manual and a black disc holder with the game itself.


All in all this is a pretty neat edition, because it’s very unique in terms of presentation, and it also fits the theme of the game. The contents itself leave something to be desired, but the artbook is certainly a nice extra. It wasn’t too pricey so I think it’s a pretty good deal.