BioShock Collector’s Edition

BioShock was released in 2007 for the Xbox 360 and PC, and later for the PlayStation 3. A limited edition was made available alongside the game as well. It’s a fairly large, rectangular box that holds several items.


The box is decorated in the art deco style of the game, with its most notable feature being two windows in the shape of rust holes, that provide a few glimpses at some of the contents of this edition.


Through the front window, you will see a replica statue of Big Daddy staring back at you.


The window in the back shows the logo of the game in embossed letters, which happens to be the front of the steelbook that’s also included.


When opening up the box, one can see the three items that are included: the Big Daddy figure, the steelbook and a bonus dvd. It also has the BioShock logo on it in relief letters, the ones that could be seen through the back of the box.


First off, the Big Daddy.


It’s a 150mm painted statue, with nice attention to detail and a good resemblance to the character in the game.


The steelbook looks nice and simple. The front is made to resemble the rusted, worn down copper that can be found in Rapture itself.


On the back are some screenshots and descriptions. Here the presentation is pretty nice as well: the screens appear as if you’re looking through rust holes, the description at the top is printed in glowing blue neon letters and the other pieces of text are made to look like they’ve been printed on old pieces of paper.


There are also some bonuses. The slim case contains two discs: a making of and a soundtrack dvd.



What’s cool about this collector’s edition is that because of the windows showing the statue and steelbook, you can display it without having to take the contents out of the box. This means they’re well protected and it saves some space on your shelf. It’s not exceptionally rich in content but the stuff that’s included is nicely presented.