Grand Theft Auto IV Collector’s Edition

Grand Theft Auto IV came out in 2008 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. There was a regular version as well as a collector’s edition. Two versions were released for the two different consoles, one featuring Niko Bellic (for the Xbox 360) and one featuring a character named Lola Del Rio (for the PlayStation 3). The one here is the PlayStation 3 version.

Grand-Theft-Auto-IV-CE Grand-Theft-Auto-IV-CE-Back

What’s cool about this edition is that it’s quite unique. The contents are held by an actual deposit locker, as often seen in crime movies. It has the logo of the game embossed on the top.

Grand-Theft-Auto-IV-CE-Locker Grand-Theft-Auto-IV-CE-Locker-Close

It comes with a key to lock it, and a keychain shaped like the Rockstar Logo.


This version also comes with a soundtrack cd, which is not a bad thing, as GTA games are renowned for their good soundtracks. Of course, one should note this is just a selection of the songs included in the game.


Also included is a duffel bag bearing the Rockstar logo. It’s still in its packaging because this is one of those things that will be easy to get out, but impossible to get back in.


The artbook contains pictures of ingame items, artworks, weapons and more. It’s reasonably sized and has a hardcover.

Grand-Theft-Auto-IV-CE-Art-Book Grand-Theft-Auto-IV-CE-Art-Book-Logos Grand-Theft-Auto-IV-CE-Art-Book-Niko Grand-Theft-Auto-IV-CE-Art-Book-Shoot-out Grand-Theft-Auto-IV-CE-Art-Book-Suits

This is one of the most expensive collector’s editions I have bought. It’s somewhat difficult to justify the price tag of over a hundred euros, but one thing that should be noted is that the items included at least are of high quality. There is no cheap plastic here as is often the case with limited editions, the locker is actually made from sturdy metals, as is the keychain. It’s a bit of a shame that the soundtrack comes in a simple paper sleeve, while on the promotional photos it was an actual disc holder. But other than that, not much to complain about except the high price.