BioShock 2 Rapture Edition

BioShock 2 was released in 2009 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Aside from the regular version there were two collector’s editions: the Rapture Edition and the Special Edition. The Special Edition is probably the more famous one. It came in a big case and included a real vinyl with the soundtrack of the game on it, among other extras. The one shown below, which is the Rapture Edition, was a lot simpler, and also a lot cheaper.


This edition comes in a paper dust sleeve that holds both the game case and the artbook. The sleeve looks quite nice as it has some kind of shiny effect to it, and the logo, characters, fake cracks and sea pocks are in relief.


The game case is simply the same one as the regular version of the game, from what I can tell.


The artbook is quite good. It has a hard cover and there’s a lot of concept art in it. There are several chapters showing artworks of weapons, items, enemies and advertisements from the game world.







This collector’s edition never really became valuable. Whether that was because of BioShock 2’s relative impopularity, making for more supply than demand, or because there was a more spectacular collector’s edition of the game, I’m not sure. But to be fair, it never was really expensive to begin with, it barely cost more than the regular version, so it was a pretty good deal for what you got. So while it may not be the most impressive collector’s edition out there, it was a nice item for a good price.