Collector's Editions

Gears of War Collector’s Edition

Gears of War was released in 2006 for Xbox 360, and in 2007 for PC. On Xbox 360, two different versions were available: the regular one and the Collector’s Edition.


The Collector’s Edition is pretty straightforward: a shiny metal box with rounded corners, protected by a plastic sleeve. It shows the red, bloody Gears of War logo and the title of the game, both in relief, on a black background.


On the back is an artwork of Delta Squad, and behind it Marcus and RAAM looking at each other’s angry faces.


Inside the box you’ll find the game, which comes in a paper case, and a small art book.


The paper fold out disc case contains two discs: the game and a bonus disc with a making of.




The artbook is titled Destroyed Beauty, a term that served as the artistic theme of the game world. There’s also some commentary by lead designer Cliff Bleszinksi.


The artworks show different enemies, environments and character profiles. In other words, about what you would expect from an art book.



There’s also some background information on the game’s military history and culture.


And that’s basically all there is to this edition. There aren’t many extras, but the presentation is quite nice. Nothing too special, but not much to complain about either.