A look at the collectable Year of Luigi Coin

As part of their ‘Year of Luigi’ campaign, Nintendo produced a series of collectable coins which were available for fans to order through their Club Nintendo rewards program in Europe. They were offered for 1500 ‘stars’, the catalogue’s currency. I ordered one at the Dutch Nintendo website, the items were sold out pretty quickly there. Here are some photos showing what it looks like.


The coin comes in a nice green colored pouch (Luigi-themed), with a golden Club Nintendo logo on it.


On the front you see a relief of Luigi’s first appearance, and the text ‘the year of Luigi’, with below it ‘30th’, since this year Mario’s brother is celebrating his 30th anniversary.


On the back is the Club Nintendo logo.


While it’s not that big, the coin feels pretty heavy and thick, and has a nice sheen to it. Here it is next to a NES controller for size comparison.


It’s a pretty nice collector’s item if you ask me. Whether it will be worth anything in the future remains to be seen, I don’t expect it to though. Still, as a fan of the Mario (and Luigi) games, this is a neat little item to own.