Super Mario 3D World Special Edition Furry Sleeve

Super Mario 3D World released in November of 2013, exclusively on Wii U. While the game didn’t release receive a collector’s edition in the normal sense, some European stores were offering a special sleeve on a first come first served basis.


This must be the first special edition with a fur. Or, at least partly, because Mario’s Cat Suit belly is made of a soft patch of ‘real’ hairs, so you can get a sense how the cat suit would feel in real life. It’s soft!


Aside from the fur, this cover does look quite nice. On the back there’s a composition of elements and playable characters from the game, and the logo. It’s actually the same as the front of the regular cover, minus the background.


This may not be the most impressive edition (after all, it’s only a sleeve), but it is certainly a unique one, at least it’s the only furred sleeve I have in my collection.

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