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PlayStation 4 Wish List: The Games

With the (presumably) imminent announcement of the PlayStation 4, it’s time to look at some of the games that would be great to see on Sony’s new console. Most of these titles, if they were to be announced, shouldn’t be expected in the console’s launch window, but somewhere during its lifetime.

Uncharted 4


This is a no brainer. Looking at what Naughty Dog was already able to achieve with the PlayStation 3 hardware, it’s exciting to think what they can pull off with a drastically better console. This game could be a great showcase for the new hardware. Naughty Dog is known to develop new IPs every gen, so the future of Uncharted isn’t entirely certain with the shift to a new console.




The Onimusha series saw four installments on the PlayStation 2, and none on its successor. It is time to revive this atmospheric feudal Japan hack and slasher, and it should be done in style. Think Resident Evil 4, and how it approached the series. Unfortunately, Capcom has stated there are currently no plans to revive the series. Still, never say never.


Final Fantasy 15


The Agni’s Philosophy demo gave us a taste of what a next gen Final Fantasy game could look like. Just imagine how a turn based fight with summons and magic moves could be with visuals like those. The battle system from Final Fantasy 13 was generally well received, even by those who didn’t like the rest of the game, so they could expand on that.


Metal Gear Solid


Though not necessarily exclusive, the Metal Gear series has often been the showcase of PlayStation hardware. The series often pushes new boundaries and is among the best looking games of that generation. We already know the Fox Engine is scalable to next gen hardware, so it will be interesting to see what the already impressive engine can do on PlayStation 4.


Ratchet & Clank


This is a series that has steadily evolved with each new installment. There have never been huge changes in the core mechanics, but since they’re pretty unique games to begin with, this can be forgiven. Not to mention the fact that they are a lot of fun.


Resident Evil 7


After the mixed reviews Resident Evil 6 received, Capcom is going to look at what they can do with the series, and what the next step will be. There’s even the possibility of a reboot, bringing the series closer to its roots in the survival horror genre again. Chances are that this new installment one will be for the next generation consoles, since development usually takes pretty long. All this makes it hard to predict what to expect from it, but this also makes me curious about it.




A while ago Capcom stated that fans shouldn’t rule out Devil May Cry 5. It’s possible that after they break they had with Ninja Theory’s reboot, which has sold below expectations so far, this one returns to be a more traditional entry in the series. And what better moment to make a comeback than on fresh new hardware?


The Last Guardian / Final Fantasy Versus 13 / Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes

These are ambitious games that would probably benefit from being moved to PlayStation 4. The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy Versus 13 have both been delayed so many times, they may as well be moved to the next generation, and profit from the enhanced power. Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes has actually been rumored to be a next generation title, and since the FoxEngine is scalable to next gen, this does make a lot of sense.


Something brand new

While it’s great to see familiar franchises evolve on new hardware, there should also be room for completely new games. Here’s hoping Sony will surprise with something unexpected and promising.