Mass Effect 2 Collector’s Edition

Mass Effect 2 came out in 2010 for Xbox 360, PC and later for PlayStation 3. At its initial release, three versions were made available: the regular edition, the ‘digital deluxe edition’ and the collector’s edition, which is the one shown here.

The front of the dust jacket looks very nice: a close up of the insignia on Shepard’s suit, damaged and worn down. The limited depth of field and lighting on the droplets makes it look pretty realistic.


The steelbook consists of a matte black background with a kneeling Shepard on the front and a Collector on the back (I guess it makes sense since this is a ‘Collector’s Edition’). It’s a bit of a shame that they stand out so much because it’s obviously a separate layer of shiny material, rather than being one with the metal of the box. This makes it look a little bit cheap.



The presentation of the extras is pretty cool: made to look like a file folder holding several documents and a plastic card.


When you fold it open you will see a comic book called Mass Effect Redemption and a hard cover art book.



The card has a code that gives you access to certain downloadable content.


Mass Effect has some pretty spectacular designs, so this art book is interesting to leaf through.





So, that’s it for this collector’s edition. Quite modest in its contents, but due to its nice presentation (and the fact that the regular box art for this game is notoriously ugly) it’s still a nice item to have in your collection.