Collector's Editions

Far Cry 3 Insane Edition

Far Cry 3 released in 2012 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. There were several pre-order bonuses,  and aside from the regular version a collector’s edition was made available (that includes all these bonuses as well as other extras): the Insane Edition.

The Insane Edition comes in a paper box with a window on the front, behind which you can see one of the physical extras: a Vaas Wahine figurine. This is pretty much what you would expect: a typical bobble head Hawaiian girl with Vaas’ head attached to it. When it’s in the box, you can lift part of the paper to reveal Vaas’ head behind the original woman head, and on the cover art Vaas himself is pointing at it.



Another extra that is packed in is a so-called Survival Guide. This is a book filled with tips to survive on a tropical island, such as how to withstand a shark attack. But the thing that immediately stands out is the fact that the guide is all folded and dented, as if someone slammed his fist on it with considerable force. It turns out this is actually intentional to make the book look ‘battle damaged’. Well thanks, Ubisoft, but next time you can save yourself the effort if you ask me. I’d rather have a book in good condition to be honest. But it does fit the name of ‘Insane Edition’ to ship it with an item that looks like someone down the production line was throwing a tantrum.



It has to be said that the Insane Edition comes with an impressive amount of additional content, in the form of redeem codes. This is probably the reason why they created the most elaborate looking voucher that I have seen: it’s not made out of paper but from shiny plastic, can be folded out and is filled with colorful illustrations.



Of course there is also the game itself, featuring the original box art (which differs from the one on the front of the paper box). Inside is a U-Play code as well (Ubisoft’s digital services).


The Insane Edition also comes with a ‘survival kit’. This is a foldable canvas wallet, packed in separately. It has three compartments, my guess is they are for the survival guide, the voucher and the game case itself. Although the voucher was initially inside the game case. The wallet looks pretty nice, made in sand brown colors with a patch of the Far Cry logo on the front, and it can be closed by two press-studs.



While this edition may not be the greatest when it comes to contents, it does come with a lot of in game extras. Furthermore, the survival kit looks quite nice, and considering its relatively low price (around 70 euros), it isn’t a bad deal. Just, next time, Ubisoft… no more pre-trashed items. It’s the very definition of insanity.