Collector's Editions

InFamous: Second Son Collector’s Edition

InFamous: Second Son launched in 2014 exclusively on PlayStation 4. In Europe, three versions were available: the regular one, the Special Edition and the Collector’s Edition, which was the most expensive one, and contained more goodies than the Special Edition. This article is about the Collector’s Edition.


It comes in a paper box somewhat bigger than a regular game case, with a window in the front. Through this window you can see the ‘Delsin Jacket Material Game Case’. That’s right, the game is wearing Delsin’s jacket, complete with zipper and pins.



What’s nice is that this is also the collector’s edition box, the best looking box if you ask me.


It also comes with a bunch of downloadable content: a bonus mission called Cole’s Legacy and a ‘Legendary Vest’. It’s actually really well made, with a lot of attention to detail. It even has a tiny hood, and a soft lining. Infamous-Second-Son-CE-Jacket-Back


But there are some more physical goodies in there as well. First off: a bottle opener.


A bunch of pins.


A ‘Collectable Coin’ with two different sides.



These items come in sturdy transparant sleeves carrying a description of the contents, it looks like they didn’t go with the cheapest route possible with this CE. This goes for all the items included: the jacket is full of small details, even on the back, as mentioned before, and the bottle opener and coin are made of metal.

Lastly: Delsin Rowe’s beanie hat, that you could actually wear yourself if you wanted to. It has a Seatle label, the city the game takes place in.


All in all this is a pretty good collector’s edition. It may not have the impressive size of some other games’ crazy editions, but it does have a unique presentation and quite a lot of goodies. It’s a bit of a shame that there is no art book in there though. Still, a good item for a reasonable price, and compared to some other collector’s editions I have seen, the attention to detail and materials used are appreciated.