Collector's Editions

Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition

Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition
Released: 2014
Platform: Wii U
Regions: US, Europe

Two versions of Mario Kart 8 are available: the regular one and a limited edition, that comes with a figurine of the Spiny Shell. In the United States, this bundle was only available at the Nintendo World Store in New York, whereas for the European region it was available in limited quantities at different stores (the box for both versions is somewhat different as well).

It comes in a blue colored cardboard box with a picture of Mario wrapping around the sides.


Inside you will find, naturally, the game itself.


The extra that comes with this limited edition is a Spiny Shell, with a pedestal to display it on. The Blue Shell is the most potent and for many people also the most hated item in the game. It gives the players in the back a chance to catch up, as it automatically flies to the one in first place and explodes.


The shell resembles the one from the games well, and it feels pretty sturdy and has a good weight to it, and has all the details, from top to bottom.


Aside from the shell, there aren’t any other extras included, but this is reflected in the price of around 69 euros, which isn’t too steep. Nintendo doesn’t do collector’s editions very often, and this is the first time the company has released one for their popular Mario Kart series, which makes this a desirable item.