Collector's Editions

Splinter Cell Blacklist The Ultimatum Edition

Splinter Cell Blacklist The Ultimatum Edition
Released: 2013
Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC
Regions: Europe, US


Splinter Cell Blacklist launched in 2013 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Six different versions were available: the regular one, a version with digital extras (Upper Echelon Edition), the Paladin Aircraft Edition, the Ultimatum Edition, the Fifth Freedom Edition (which came with a figure), and the Fifth Freedom Silver Edition, which came with a silver figure and was exclusively sold at Ubisoft’s own online store. On PC there is an exclusive Digital Deluxe Edition as well. The one right here is the Xbox 360 version of the Ultimatum Edition.

The box that is revealed after removing the outer sleeve is made from sturdy, ‘soft touch’ material, meaning they didn’t go the cheapest route, which is nice.


This edition includes Act One of the Splinter Cell comic called Echoes.



The highlight of this edition is obviously the ‘Special Ops’ watch, inspired by Sam Fisher’s iconic night goggles. Based on previous experiences with collector’s edition goodies (and electronics in particular), it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to expect a cheaply made watch, made from light plastic, the value of which you would estimate around five dollars. So it was a pleasant surprise when it turned out the watch came in a classy looking cardboard box that is nestled inside the bottom layer of the case, the logo printed on top in silver letters.


The watch itself doesn’t disappoint either. Of course it’s no Rolex, but from what you would expect as a pack-in goodie, it’s actually very decently made. From the feel of the materials to the overall look, it’s a nice collectable.


You can see the Tom Clancy logo on the strap, a nice little detail.


Each of the three sections on the dial displays a different piece of information, such as the date and time. What the third one shows, don’t ask.

With the touch of a button the three displays light up in green, so it looks just like Sam’s headgear.



Inside the game’s case is a leaflet describing the digital extras you’re getting: two additional levels and some accessories for Sam Fisher.


All in all a very decent collector’s edition. The presentation is well done and the watch turned out better than expected. A good edition for a reasonable price.