Collector's Editions

Splinter Cell Conviction Limited Collector’s Edition

Splinter Cell Conviction was released in 2009 for both Xbox 360 and PC. On both platforms there was the option of either buying the regular version, of three different expanded versions: the Special Edition (called Shadow Edition), the Collector’s Edition and the Limited Collector’s Edition, their availability depending on the region. Yeah, talk about confusing. Either way, the one shown below is the Limited Collector’s Edition for Xbox 360.


The game comes in a rectangular paper box, decorated with an artwork of the White House, and with a window on the front. Behind this window you can see a statue of Sam Fisher, the game’s protagonist.


This figurine is the main attraction of this collector’s edition. And it has to be said, this is pretty disappointing. From a distance, the figure still looks decent, standing in a dynamic pose. But up close you can see that the face is pretty rough, and doesn’t resemble Sam from the game all that much. His expression looks fairly unnatural as well. Of course, one shouldn’t expect too much of a figure that comes with a collector’s edition, but still.


There are some other extras inside the box. First, the game comes in a pretty stylish looking steelbook.


The steelbook looks pretty cool. Its surface is matte black, with the logo of the game on the front. But when you look closely you see that it is actually covered in a grid of words, which seem to be keywords to characterize the game and Sam’s role in it. They also reflect the way words appear in the game, which was one of the ways the creators used to tell the story within the game world itself.


On the back, you can see a white outline of Sam Fisher. This is from a game mechanic that was introduced in this installment, called ‘last known position’. The place Sam was last seen by the enemy will light up like the picture on the case.


All in all, it’s pretty cool how elements of the game itself were used in the decoration of this steelbook.


Inside the steelbook are two discs: the game and a soundtrack cd. The cd is meant to look like a vinyl. Not sure why, but it looks pretty cool.


There’s also some downloadable content included: Infiltration Mode, an extra skin and early access to some weapons. Also, a Ghost Recon: Future Soldier multiplayer beta.


I don’t think this collector’s edition is really that great, and that’s mainly because of the figure. Figures do often drive up the price, and when this collector’s edition came out it actually was quite pricey (around 100 euros). Today, it’s worth only a fraction of that, suggesting there isn’t really a high demand for this version.