Collector's Editions

Gears of War 2 Limited Edition

Gears of War 2 came out in 2008, exclusively for Xbox 360. Like the first game in the series, a special edition was released as well, called the Limited Edition.


It comes in a paper box about the size of a regular game case, only thicker. The box is protected by a paper sleeve. Both this sleeve and the box itself have been decorated with a close up of the game’s most famous weapon, the Lancer, a machine gun equipped with a chainsaw.



It wraps all around the box, with the lower half of the gun on one side and the upper half on the other.


Inside the box are a steel book and a small hardcover art book. On the steel book is again a picture of the Lancer, this time in greyscale, to make it fit with the metallic color of the steel book.


Inside the steel book there are two discs: the game and a bonus dvd containing a making of video, among other things.


The steel book also has an artwork on the inside, of Marcus Fenix holding some COG tags, and Dom standing in the background.


The art book is titled ‘Beneath the Surface: An Inside Look at Gears of War 2’, and has 48 pages.


This edition also comes with an exclusive gold plated Lancer that you can use during multiplayer.


All in all a pretty straightforward collector’s edition. Nothing too special going on here, but it does look nice, and when the game came out it was around the same price of the regular version, so that’s not a bad deal.