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Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition

Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition
Released: 2014
Platform: Wii U
Regions: US, Europe

Hyrule Warriors released in 2014, exclusively for Wii U. In Europe, two different versions were available: the regular one and a limited edition. This same version was also sold in North America, but only at the Nintendo Store in New York City. The Japanese version came with a toy treasure chest and Triforce clock, aside from the scarf. The limited edition shown here is the PAL version.

The PAL limited edition comes in a rectangular paper box, the same kind of box that seems to be used for most limited editions released for the system.


Inside are two items: the game itself and a replica of the scarf Link is wearing in the game.


The scarf is made of acrylic fiber in bright blue and orange colors, with the Royal Crest woven into the fabric.


The box itself is almost identical to the regular version. And while this may not be specific to the limited editions, the game deserves credit for its manual. It’s rare to see an elaborate manual these days, with actual colored pages and even some artwork inside. A nice surprise.


Like earlier limited editions on the Wii U, this item sold out quickly. Demand seems to be high, and supply probably is low, as Nintendo never produces a lot of these special editions. So even though it’s not the most amazing limited edition in terms of contents, it is actually a pretty rare and valuable item, and a worthy addition to the line up of special editions for the Wii U.