Collector's Editions

Assassin’s Creed III Freedom Edition

Assassin’s Creed III was released in 2012 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. As usual with Ubisoft games, a lot of different versions have been made available, each with its own physical or digital extras. This article is about the Xbox 360 version of the Freedom Edition, which was the biggest collector’s edition available at launch.


The Freedom Edition comes in a large cardboard box with the game’s logo on the front. Taking off the top reveals the contents.


The main extra you get with this edition is a large statue of the game’s protagonist, Connor. It’s a good looking figure with lots of details and a dynamic pose.


Aside from the regular case, it also comes with a steel book with artwork by comic artist Alex Ross. The artwork shows Conner in the same pose as the statue.

Assassin's-Creed-III-Freedom-Edition-Steelbook Assassin's-Creed-III-Freedom-Edition-Steelbook-Back

A nice extra is this book, representing George Washington’s notebook. It contains ‘handwritten’ notes as well as some nice drawings.

Assassin's-Creed-III-Freedom-Edition-George-Washington's-Notebook Assassin's-Creed-III-Freedom-Edition-George-Washington's-Notebook-Pages Assassin's-Creed-III-Freedom-Edition-George-Washington's-Notebook-Pages-3 Assassin's-Creed-III-Freedom-Edition-George-Washington's-Notebook-Pages-2

Then there’s an envelope containing two lithographs. They’re fairly small, but it’s still a nice extra.

Assassin's-Creed-III-Freedom-Edition-Envelope Assassin's-Creed-III-Freedom-Edition-Envelope-Open Assassin's-Creed-III-Freedom-Edition-Litho Assassin's-Creed-III-Freedom-Edition-Litho-2

Lastly, there is also some downloadable content included in this edition: two single player missions and a multiplayer character.


This is one of those collector’s editions where you mainly pay for the statue. Luckily, it’s a high quality one, and fairly large too. That said though, the rest of the extras are quite nice as well, the notebook is nicely executed, and the box itself looks really good too. It may not be among the cheapest of collector’s editions, but you do get a quality item.