Halo Reach Limited Edition

Halo Reach Limited Edition
Released: 2010
Platform: Xbox 360
Regions: PAL, NTSC

Halo Reach was released in 2010, exclusively for Xbox 360. Aside from he regular version, two special editions were available was well: the Limited Edition and the Legendary Edition. This article shows the Limited Edition.


The Limited Edition comes in a nice looking box: a dark angular casing with a nice sheen. The contents are in some kind of drawer, and you can pull it out of the outer sleeve using an actual handle. It’s supposed to resemble a recovered ‘ONI Black Box’.


Once you’ve revealed the drawer, you’ll see the game. It’s inside a smaller drawer that can be removed, and underneath are the extras.



So, below the drawer with the game is a package in black bubble wrap called the Artifact Bag, sealed off by a sticker. On the other side is a label with the data. The package contains doctor Halsey’s Personal Journal (includes art works), Halsey’s security badge, an embodied Spartan II patch, and other ‘classified documents’. I kept the package sealed for collection purposes.





There are two DLC codes as well. They unlock an Xbox Live Avatar and the Elite Armor to use in the multiplayer.


Personally I think this is a really nice limited edition. It focusses outs attention on what’s in my eyes the most important thing about such a collector’s item: its nice presentation. The box feels sturdy and heavy, and does not look flimsy or cheap at all. It’s also pretty original in its shape, and I’ve never seen this drawer type case before. I can’t really judge the extras inside the package, but as a whole, it’s a very nice edition.