The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Special Edition

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Special Edition
Released: 2015
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Regions: PAL

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D came out in 2015, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. A special edition was released as well, in the US it contained a Skull Kid figurine, in Europe a different set of goodies. Below is the European limited edition.


The Special Edition comes in a paper box with on the front the logo and a small artwork of Link with two of his masks. One side is decorated with a golden line-drawing of the Happy Mask Salesman, while Skull Kid adorns the other side.


Inside are four items. First of all, the game itself. It’s actually slightly different from the normal box, as it says ‘bundle pack version’ on the back. There is also no description on the back, just an artwork and the usual warnings.


Then there is a steelbook you can use as an alternative case for your game. On the front, Majora’s Mask itself, on the back a drawing of Skull Kid.

Majora's-Mask-3D-Special-Edition-SteelbookMajora's-Mask-3D-Special-Edition-Steelbook-BackMajora's-Mask-3D-Special-Edition-Steelbook-OpenThere’s also a two-sided poster inside. Both sides are very nice, a painting-style illustration of Oni Link on one side and Skull Kid on the other. The downside is that it had to be folded in order to fit in the box, leaving permanent marks all over the poster.

Majora's-Mask-3D-Special-Edition-Poster Majora's-Mask-3D-Special-Edition-Poster-Skull-Kid Majora's-Mask-3D-Special-Edition-Poster-Oni-Link

Lastly, there is a small black box decorated with a shiny logo.


Inside is a metal brooch in the shape of Majora’s Mask itself. It looks nice and detailed.


In conclusion, this is a solid special edition, considering it was quite affordable, only 15 euros more than the normal edition. Like most of Nintendo’s collector’s editions, this one is relatively hard to come by given the demand, though there seems to be a larger supply than usual. Either way, it can be assumed that stocks will sell out shortly, and this may become a valuable collector’s item down the road.