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The Order: 1886 Blackwater Edition

The Order: 1886 Blackwater Edition
Released: 2015
Platform: PlayStation 4
Regions: PAL

The Order: 1886 was released in February of 2015, exclusively for PlayStation 4. In Europe, three different version were available: the regular version, a limited edition and a more extensive collector’s edition called the Blackwater Edition.


The Blackwater Edition comes in a paper case lined with copper studs, and decorated with shiny ornaments. It can be folded open through the middle like a book, revealing its contents embedded into both sides.


Some woven coat of arms patches for Isabeau and Galahad, as seen on the character’s shoulders in the game.


You also get an envelope with some extras: a set of postcards in it showing artworks of various environments from the game, a sheet of stickers with symbols from the game, and character cards with the squad members on them.


Last but not least, the most eye catching goodie in the edition: a replica of a the Knight’s vial pendant. It’s displayed nicely in the box, so you don’t have to take it out or unwrap it. It has some nice weight to it and the chain looks pretty luxurious.


It seems like they gave it a worn look, to make it appear older. All in all, it’s a very nice piece of merchandise.


Of course, there’s the game itself as well, in its own case, which differs from the cover of the regular edition. It looks quite cool, with simply the title and the order’s insignia on the front, and some ‘carved’ decorations around the sides.


Then there is some downloadable content: one code unlocks the Knight’s Arsenal DLC (Red Lightning Pack, contains Red Knight uniform and Arc Rifle Prototype weapon) and the Arsonist Pack (Black Knight uniform and Arsonist Rifle weapon). The other code unlocks behind the scenes footage and the soundtrack of the game.


This edition is relatively expensive, but the good news is that it does feel nice and fancy. The items inside look good, especially the contents, made from materials such as metal, fabric and paper instead of plastic. But also the presentation is well done, and the items aren’t just thrown in the box but each have their own place. A neat and elegant looking collector’s edition.