Halo 5 Guardians Limited Edition

Halo 5 Guardians Limited Edition
Platform: Xbox One
Year: 2015
Region: PAL

Halo 5 Guardians was released in October of 2015, exclusively for Xbox One. Three different versions were made available: the regular version, the Limited Edition and the Limited Collector’s Edition, that came with a huge statue. The one right here though it the much more humble sized Limited Edition.

It comes in a large steelbook with a paper sleeve around it that has the game’s title and other specifications on the front and the contents detailed on the back.


The case has a minimalistic, industrial look, with the Spartan Insignia on the front and spine. According to the game’s producer, it’s meant to look like it came ‘directly out of the Halo universe’, like a dossier that Spartan Locke would receive in the game.

Halo-5-Guardians-Limited-Edition-Steelbook Halo-5-Guardians-Limited-Edition-Spartan-Insignia

Halo-5-Guardians-Limited-Edition-BackHalo-5-Guardians-Limited-Edition-ContentsThese two documents are ‘Locke’s orders’, or, in other words, simply white pieces of paper with black text on it. Kind of boring as far as collector’s editions items go, but perhaps some of the most devoted Halo fans would find this interesting.


This green package contains some more dossiers. These are some paper cards with profiles on them of some of the game’s characters from the various teams.

Halo-5-Guardians-Limited-Edition-UNSC-Dossiers Halo-5-Guardians-Limited-Edition-UNSC-Dossiers-Back

This edition also comes with a laser cut Metal Earth Guardian model, but it looks like it would be a nightmare to try and put together. It’s nice that the figure is made from aluminum instead of plastic, which gives it a pretty shine. The packaging of the figure parts looks really cool as well: you can see the plate with the aluminum parts behind the openings on the front.


On the back of the paper sleeve you can see what the figure would look like put together.


In terms of digital content: you get codes for The Fall of Reach animated series and a ‘Warzone Req bundle’, which gives you 14 premium ‘req packs’ to use during multiplayer. You also get a 14 day Xbox Live trial, which is a nice extra but a little short.Halo-5-Guardians-Limited-Edition-DLC

From the looks of it, this limited edition really wasn’t worth its initial price of 100 euros. Its contents are pretty underwhelming, and while the presentation isn’t bad, it is a bit boring. But most of all it’s overpriced, and it’s puzzling to think why they think this was worth that kind of money. To conclude: only get this if you can find it for cheap.


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