A look at the Quantum Break steelbook

Quantum Break just released, and while it did not have a separately released collector’s edition, there were some nice extras. Every copy comes with a download for Remedy’s last game, Alan Wake, plus its two DLC expansions, The Signal and The Writer. And then some stores threw in an additional pre-order bonus: a special Quantum Break steelbook plus a code to download the standalone spin-off to Alan Wake, American Nightmare.


The front of the steelbook features Quantum Break’s protagonist, Jack Joyce, surrounded by pieces of fractured time. It also has the game’s tagline ‘time is power’, and obviously the title itself. On the back we can see the faces of some of the other characters and locations between the shards.


What’s cool about this steelbook is that there’s also some artwork on the inside, showing the time machine from the game.


All in all you get a pretty good deal for pre-ordering the game, with both the downloadable game as well as this steelbook at no additional cost.