Xenoblade Chronicles X Limited Edition

Xenoblade Chronicles X Limited Edition
Platform: Wii U
Year: 2015
Region: PAL

Xenoblade Chronicles X was released in December of 2015 in Europe, exclusively for Wii U. Aside from the regular version, a limited edition was available as well. This bundle contains several extras.


First, the game itself. The artwork on the cover is identical to the one on the bundle itself, and it looks really cool.


In addition to the regular game case, you also get a nice steelbook. It has more or less the same artwork again, but the background is a bit different. The artwork wraps around the back as well.

Xenoblade-Chronicles-X-Limited-Edition-Steelbook Xenoblade-Chronicles-X-Limited-Edition-Steelbook-Back

The inside of the steelbook is decorated too.


Then there is a small, hardcover artbook, showing sketches, environments, characters, vehicles, enemies and more. A good variety of different kinds of artwork.


Lastly, the bundle includes a plastic bag that contains a double sided poster and a map of the game world. The poster has some cool artwork on it (the same that’s on the steelbook and on the other side two mechas battling it out). Unfortunately both sheets had to be folded to fit into the bundle, and it shows.

Xenoblade-Chronicles-X-Limited-Edition-Posters Xenoblade-Chronicles-X-Limited-Edition-Map Xenoblade-Chronicles-X-Limited-Edition-Poster-Side-1 Xenoblade-Chronicles-X-Limited-Edition-Poster-Side-2

All in all, this bundle wasn’t very cheap but it comes with a nice assortment of extras. It’s not exactly unique in terms of presentation but on the other hand, you can’t go wrong with a stylish looking steelbook and an artbook. A cool collector’s edition, especially for fans of the series.



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