Collector's Editions

Gears of War 4 Ultimate Edition

Gears of War 4 Ultimate Edition
Platform: Xbox One
Year: 2016
Region: PAL

Gears of War was released in October of 2016, for Xbox One and PC. Three different physical versions were available: the regular edition, a Collector’s Edition and the Ultimate Edition.

Gears of War 4 Ultimate Edition mainly consists of two things: a steelbook and a season pass. The steelbook comes in a paper sleeve with the title, artwork and legal information on it.


Looking at this edition it seems hard to believe it was priced €99,99 at release, but the main reason for this is the inclusion of a season pass, which is very pricey when bought separately. With this pass you’ll receive the Vintage VIP Pack (character skins, weapon skins, emblems) 24 maps, the Developer Playlist (lets you play maps and  modes before they are released) and 6 gear packs (weapon and character skins, XP bonuses, equipment and abilities).


You also get access to the older Gears of War games released for Xbox 360, meaning yo’ll be able to download them from Xbox Live free of charge. Pretty neat, but seeing how Microsoft included those with basically every Gears released on Xbox One, chances are that if you’re a Gears of War fan you already own them.

The steelbook itself looks quite nice, with an artwork of the main character on the front and the logo and title on the back. The inside is also decorated with an artwork of the games’ characters.

gears-of-war-4-ultimate-edition-steelbook-front gears-of-war-4-ultimate-edition-steelbook-back gears-of-war-4-ultimate-edition-disc gears-of-war-4-ultimate-edition-inside

You also get a sticker sheet with this edition, containing stickers of the famous Lancer as well as the Gears of War logo. These are also included with the regular edition of the game though.

All in all, wether this is worth the initial asking price all depends on how much you think the season pass is worth, with the steelbook being a nice extra.