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Yakuza Kiwami Steelbook Edition

Yakuza Kiwami Steelbook Edition
Platform: PlayStation 4
Year: 2017
Region: PAL

Yakuza Kiwami is a remake of the original PlayStation 2 game from 2006. It released in 2016 in Japan, and about one and a half year later in the rest of the world, in August of 2017, exclusively for PlayStation 4. Despite being sold for a budget price, early copies of the remake come in a special case called the Steelbook Edition. A standard edition is also available for around the same price.

As always, the steelbook comes in a plastic sleeve that contains information such as the game’s title, company info and age ratings. It is partly transparant and partly decorated with two of the prominent characters in the foreground (protagonist Kazuma Kiryu and rival Nishikiyama Akira). In the background is another central character, Haruka.

When you remove the sleeve you reveal a different picture of Kiryu and Haruka (same image) walking through Kamurocho.

Funnily enough the real star of the show here is the back of the steelbook. The surface has been adorned with two yakuza tattoos – a koi (Akira’s tattoo) and a dragon (Kiryu’s tattoo). It’s fitting though, given the fact that they are also tattooed on the back of the characters in the game. These illustrations look really great printed on this material when the light hits it from the right angle – all the details and little accents light up and the colors really pop.

Inside is of course the game disc and a small manual containing some practical information.

The inside of the case has been decorated as well, with a nighttime view of Kamurocho’s main street.

All in all this is a great item. For a very reasonable price you get a great looking steelbook and a complete remake of the first game. Recommended!