Dead or Alive Ultimate

Dead or Alive Ultimate
Platform: Xbox
Year: 2005
Region: PAL

Dead or Alive Ultimate was released in 2005 (in Europe) for the Xbox. It presents itself as a ‘double disc collector’s edition’. The bundle contains two Dead or Alive games: Dead or Alive (the Sega Saturn version) and Dead or Alive 2 (an enhanced remake which offers new graphics, mechanics and content).


In terms of presentation, this isn’t the most interesting collector’s edition. One redeeming factor is that I do like the fold out holder in which you can slide the games, but other than that it’s rather boring to look at.



The front shows a render of Kasumi. When folded open, you see two colorful orange and blue compartments, each containing one of the games, as indicated by the larger number with a screenshot behind it.




Not surprisingly, this item isn’t very valuable. However, this 2-disc PAL version seems to be a lot less common than the American one, and is worth a bit more. But regardless of the monetary value, it’s a pretty nice box. It’s not an amazing package compared to the more spectacular collector’s editions out there, but to see a rerelease of old games isn’t as common anymore, at least not on a physical carrier.

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