Collector's Editions

God of War Limited Edition

God of War Limited Edition
Platform: PlayStation 4
Year: 2018
Region: PAL

God of War released in April of 2018, exclusively for PlayStation 4, and quickly became the highest rated game of the year. Various different physical versions were available: a regular edition, a Standard Plus Edition (containing some digital extras like PlayStation themes), a Limited Edition and a Collector’s Edition (including a large statue).

The Limited Edition is the less expensive option of the latter two. It comes in a stylish looking slipcase in dark red and copper colors, with the game’s logo embossed on the front in shiny golden lettering.

Inside are two items: a steelbook and an artbook. First, let’s take a look at the steelbook. On the front is a Nordic rune Othala, or Odal. It represents the ‘o’ sound, much like the Omega-symbol that God of War has used since the beginning. In the game, this is the brand of the dwarven brothers that help you on your journey. On the back of the case are more runes.

The inside of the steelbook is decorated as well, but it is not so clearly visible because of the semi-transparant inlay. Also included is a code that nets you a few extras.

Then there’s the artbook, published by Dark Horse. The hardcover book starts with a foreword by game director Cory Barlog, followed by artworks of the game’s environments, characters, enemies and weapons. It’s not very large because it has to fit next to the game in the box, but it’s still a nice little extra.

All in all a pretty neat edition. One thing that’s a bit annoying is the round sticker used to keep the contents inside the case, which leaves some residue after it’s been removed. Still, it’s a nice item to have in your collection and a good option if the Collector’s Edition feels too expensive.