Collector's Editions

Doom UAC Pack

Doom UAC Pack
Platform: PlayStation 4
Year: 2016
Region: PAL (Dutch version)

As the fourth installment in the famous first person shooter series, Doom released in 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. A Collector’s Edition containing a statue was available for purchase, as well as a more modest edition, called the UAC Pack. UAC stands for Union Aerospace Corporation, a fictional corporation from the series’ universe, with facilities on Mars and its moons.

The bundle consists of a paper box, packed with several goodies. First of all, the UAC Handbook, a softcover booklet containing information on the game’s enemies and weapons.

Also included are two fabric UAC patches which you can stick on your clothes if you so desire. They are pretty thin though.

Then there’s a poster with the UAC logo on the backdrop of Mars, and the slogan ‘Progress takes Sacrifice’. Unfortunately it had to be folded in order to fit into the box.

Next, the game itself. It has a reversible cover inspired by the iconic art from the original Doom. Pretty neat.

Lastly, some downloadable content: a demon-themed armor set, three ID logo patterns, six hack modules and six metallic paints. Finally there are some other booklets explaining the controls and advertising the season pass DLC.

All in all, a nice and compact little bundle that Doom fans will be able to appreciate, even if the included extras aren’t that spectacular in itself.