Collector's Editions

Deus Ex Human Revolution Collector’s Edition

Deus Ex Human Revolution was released in Europe in August of 2011. Aside from the regular game, there were three special versions: the Augmented Edition, a Collector’s Edition, and a Nordic / Benelux Edition (as well as a UK exclusive Limited Edition).

This is the Collector’s Edition, which was exclusive to Europe.


The box itself is really nice, it’s made from a soft material, and the matte black contrasts well with the shiny golden print. We also really like the design of Adam Jensen’s head on this box, built from triangular golden shards. It was one of the reasons for us to get this edition. It’s really minimalistic and stylish.


One thing that is annoying though, is that the paper sleeve with the information on it, was glued to the surface of the box. Luckily it could be removed without tearing the box, but it did leave some stains that were hard to remove. Why did they have to use glue at all, can’t the seal hold it together?

There are only 20.000 made of this collector’s edition, and they are all numbered. Although it’s just a sticker, not an actual print on the box, which is a bit of a shame.


The action figure is also pretty nice. It’s made by Play Arts Kai, who also does the Metal Gear Solid action figures. Not only is it very articulate, but it’s also been made with attention to detail. Some parts of his suit are shiny while others aren’t, and the face doesn’t look to bad either. It even has details such as pores.


As with almost any action figure that doesn’t come with a stand, it’s near impossible to place it without the thing falling over.

The collector’s edition comes with several accessories to swap on the figure, such as different hands, guns, upper arms and the characteristic retractable blades.


One of the few things that’s underwhelming about the CE is the art book. It’s very thin and doesn’t have a hard cover, making it look more like a folder or a flyer than an art book. Still, the art itself looks very nice.



The game case looks very cool, every surface shows a different piece of artwork, and we always like these folding paper boxes, even if they are not the most practical.





The CE also comes with some additional ingame content, and a bonus disc (contents are trailers, soundtrack, making of and a motion comic).


We really appreciate this kind of attention to detail. This is the back of the box, seen from the inside. Not a place where you expect to see something, since it’s basically the bottom of the barrel. But the famous shattering glass looks really nice here.


In conclusion, we really like the presentation of this edition. At 80 euros the price is a bit steep (it was even 100 originally), and that’s probably mainly because of the action figure. But we’re glad to have it in our collection.