Collector's Editions

Heavy Rain Limited Edition

Heavy Rain was released for the PlayStation 3 in 2010. Early buyers had the chance of receiving a limited edition version of the game. This one appears to have been exclusive to Europe.

The main appeal of this collector’s edition is its presentation, which is indeed very pretty. It uses a paper fold format, which ties in well with the origami element from the game. The box art is nice and simple: deep black with the origami figure on it.



The most noticeable feature has to be the rain effect that the front is covered in. It looks pretty realistic, especially since it has actual relief drops, and together with the ‘smudged’ letters the watery, rainy look really comes to life.


When taken out of the outer sleeve, the disc holder can be folded out, showing a character model from the game on each side.


Behind the disc, which sits in a transparent holder, Norman Jayden’s face can be seen.


It also comes with a square piece of paper with blood stains and text printed on it, which can be folded into the famous origami figure from the game.


The limited edition also included some digital extras, such as a dynamic PlayStation 3 theme, a downloadable soundtrack consisting of 7 tracks, and a DLC code for an extra episode.


This is one of my favorite special editions in my collection. It was the same price as the regular edition when I bought it on the day of release. It doesn’t come with many extras, but the presentation is not only interesting looking and original, but also thematically relevant to the game. This is how a collector’s edition should be done.