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Fire Emblem Three Houses Limited Edition

Fire Emblem Three Houses Limited Edition
Platform: Switch
Year: 2019
Region: PAL

Fire Emblem Three Houses was released in July of 2019, exclusively for Switch. As with previous games in the series on 3DS, a limited edition was available as well, containing several physical and digital goodies.

This edition comes in a large paper box, with the usual hang tab – as if anyone is going to hang this thing. Inside are two paper drawers that hold the contents.

First, there’s the game itself, which comes in its own case.

Next, an empty steelbook that you can use to hold the cartridge.

The next drawer contains all the extras. There’s a small black box with what looks like a keychain in it, but it’s actually a USB stick with the digital soundtrack. Or ‘sound selection’ to be precise, 33 tracks in total. Unfortunately the slide mechanism doesn’t work so well, but you can still take the stick out of its holder and copy the data.

Then there’s another box with the three insignias of the three houses the game is named after. Pretty neat.

Lastly, there’s a big A4-sized art book tucked away inside this drawer. It contains sketches as well as colorful artworks of the game’s locations, characters and items.

All in all a nice collector’s edition. One thing that immediately stands out is its sheer size, compared to most other collector’s editions for Nintendo games. The large hardcover art book and charming steelbook are great, and the USB stick is a nice extra.

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