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Catherine Full Body Heart’s Desire Premium Edition

Catherine Full Body Heart’s Desire Premium Edition
 PlayStation 4
Year: 2019
Region: PAL

Catherine Full Body is an expanded and remastered version of Atlus’ intriguing puzzle game from 2011. The game was developed by the team behind the acclaimed Persona series, including director Katsura Hashino and character designer Shigenori Soejima. Catherine Full Body (the title referring to a quality wine) was released for PlayStation 4 in September of 2019 (the game came out earlier in Japan, as well as a Vita version that’s absent in the west).

The Heart’s Desire Premium Edition comes in a compact paper box, protected by an outer sleeve that contains the title and information on the game.

After removing the outer sleeve, the design of the box itself is revealed, made to look like the block towers that Vincent has to climb in the game.

Onto the contents. This edition comes with a sheep plush (sheep play a large role in the game).

The game itself comes in a steelbook featuring the stylish artwork by Soejima. Definitely a great looking case.

Also included is a soundtrack cd containing 21 tracks, which only comes in a paper sleeve, but at least you get a physical CD and not just a download code.

Lastly, there is a small hardcover artbook, which contains early design concepts, colorful illustrations and developer notes.

In conclusion, this is a nice edition for a very reasonable price. For around €75, you get the steelbook, soundtrack CD, artbook and pluche in a nice overall package. You can also get the steelbook separately for around €55, called the Launch Edition, which is included in the Heart’s Desire Edition under that same title.