Collector's Editions


Platform: Switch
Year: 2019
Region: NTSC

Originally released in 2018 for Nintendo Switch and mobile, Gris received a physical run in November of 2019, by Special Reserve Games, a US-based publisher that manufactures limited edition physical versions of previously digital-only games. The Reserve edition of Gris comes in a paper sleeve with several extras.

First there is of course the game itself, in a standard Switch case containing a physical cartridge, with all critical updates and patches installed.

Also included in the case is a 40-page instruction manual, a rarity nowadays. Although it mostly contains artwork rather than instructions, but that isn’t a bad thing of course.

There’s an artwork on the inside of the case as well, so you can reverse the jacket and get an different cover. The back of the case looks nice and clean, with two large screenshots instead of an explanation text.

Another thing that’s cool about this physical release is the fact that each copy is individually numbered. There are 8100 in total. The number can be found at the lower half of the back of the case.

As an extra, three art carts are included as well, printed on archival paper. They are randomly selected from six designs.

All in all, this is a very nice edition, with a presentation that does the striking visual style of the game justice.