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Final Fantasy VII Remake Deluxe Edition

Final Fantasy VII Remake Deluxe Edition
Platform: PlayStation 4
Year: 2020
Region: PAL

Released in April of 2020, Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation 4 is a remake of the classic JRPG from 1997. It has been rebuilt from the ground up, and expanded upon to the extent that the developers decided to release it in parts, this being the first installment. In Europe, three different physical versions where available: the regular, the Deluxe Edition and the 1st Class Edition (sold exclusively through the official Square Enix Store). Between these two special versions, the Deluxe Edition is the more affordable one.

The Deluxe Edition comes in a paper box with a shiny relief of the game’s logo on the front.

Alright, onto the contents. First of all, the game itself. It comes on two Blu-Ray discs, and with a reversible cover (the other variant being the Japanese cover: the game’s logo against a black background). 

The second item is a steelbook with an artwork of antagonist Sephiroth on it. On the back is once again the game’s logo against a black background.

There’s also a soundtrack CD. They call it a Mini Soundtrack, because there only 12 tracks on it, but at least they come on an actual disc instead of being just a download. It doesn’t come in a jewel case though, just a simple paper sleeve.

Lastly, a hardcover artbook, unfortunately rather small since it has to fit in the box. Still, it’s pretty nice, containing artworks from the characters, locations, enemies and weapons and gadgets.

This edition also comes with some downloadable content giving access to special summons to use in the game.

In conclusion, pretty standard fare when it comes to deluxe editions, but nonetheless a nice middle-ground between the regular version and the far more expensive 1st Class Edition.