Collector's Editions

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Limited Collector’s Edition

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow came out in Q4 2010. It was developed by Mercury Steam in collaboration with Kojima Productions.


Now this is a really nice collector’s edition. First of all, the presentation is close to perfect. This beautiful box is made from matte paper, with impressive artwork on every side. It also comes with a nice looking mask which resembles the one in the game.

The outer sleeve slides vertically over the case. It features a striking artwork of the game’s protagonist, Gabriel Belmont.


After removing the outer sleeve, the box itself is revealed, which is made to look like a medieval chest or book cover, and a drawing of the mask on the front.


This box in turn can be folded open, revealing yet another pair of artworks: one of them being the game’s weapon (the Combat Cross). In the compartment you will find two separate boxes: one containing the mask, the other containing the game and soundtrack discs.


On the front of the disc holder, the same artwork as the outer sleeve, but this time in sepia colors.


When folded open you will find two discs: one with the game itself, and one with the soundtrack. On the left you can see the manual. This case as well is richly decorated with art, including see-through disc holders to minimize the view of obtrusive plastic.


The mask actually feels like a high quality item. It isn’t made from cheap plastic, but from metal and has a nice weight to it. It has been created with attention to detail, and comes with a stand for easy displaying as well. It’s not actual size, but is still of good proportions.


All in all, this is one of the best collector’s editions I have seen. It isn’t too large but still has an impressive size, the presentation is awesome, and the extra’s that come with it (in this case the mask) have a high quality feel. It seems to catch good prices at Ebay nowadays, though that goes mostly for sealed versions. But regardless of the monetary value, this is just a beautiful collector’s edition in itself.