The Last of Us Part II Special Edition

The Last of Us Part II Special Edition
Platform: PlayStation 4
Year: 2020
Region: PAL

Released in June of 2020, The Last of Us Part II is a sequel to the groundbreaking Naughty Dog game from 2013. For its much anticipated release, several physical versions were made available for its European release: a regular edition, a day one edition with a reversible cover, a large collector’s edition containing a statue and other extras, and a more affordable (and much smaller) special edition.

The special edition comes in a nice and sturdy paper sleeve, with the blood-spattered face of protagonist Ellie on the front, alongside the bold font of the logo.

There are two extras inside. First off, a steelbook containing the game disc and data disc. On the front is a portrait of Ellie, on the back Abby, both in an expressive paintbrush-like style.

Secondly, a small artbook by Dark Horse. There are pages with character art and locations showing different scenes from the game. Both of the endpapers feature charcoal-style drawings.

Also included in the steelbook are two download codes, providing access to a dynamic PS4 theme, a set of six PSN avatars, a soundtrack and a digital version of the artbook.

In short, a nice looking edition, even though it feels a bit pricey for what you get. Still, a good option for those that find the huge collector’s box a little too much, but still want to have a special edition of the game on their shelf.

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