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The Dark Pictures Anthology – Triple Pack

The Dark Pictures Anthology – Triple Pack
Platform: PlayStation 4
Year: 2021
Region: PAL

The Dark Pictures Anthology is a bundle of three interactive horror games by Supermassive Games (known for Until Dawn), released over the last few years. It includes Man of Medan (2019), Little Hope (2020) and House of Ashes (2021), the latter one coming with a free upgrade for the PlayStation 5 version.

This Triple Pack was released in Europe on October 22, 2021, and it comes with several bonus items. Inside the cardboard case you’ll find a steelbook with three discs, each containing one of the games.

There are also two sets of collectible pins, in two separate bags.

Lastly, a map made of cloth marking each of the locations of the games.

In conclusion, this triple pack is a nice bundle for those who haven’t gotten into this series yet – it’s a pretty cheap option, especially considering the extras you get with it. It remains to be seen what the publisher will do when the next entry in the series releases (will there eventually be a new bundle, or an even more complete compilation?). For now, however, this seems like a good deal.