Collector's Editions

Devil May Cry 4 Collector’s Edition

Devil May Cry 4 was released in early 2008. This is the PAL version, which comes in a special steelbook and with a (small) art book.


The steelbook has a shiny metal surface, protected by a transparent plastic sleeve. As with most steelbooks, it looks better and less cluttered with the sleeve removed. The art on the front features a high contrast, black and white picture of Nero, as well as the colored logo of the game.


The back shows a different artwork of Nero, this time with the only colored part being his blue glowing devil arm.


When opened, a colorful manual and disc are revealed, both sporting art from the game (respectively a boss and a scene of Nero and Dante battling it out).


As is the case with many steelbooks, the disc holder is transparent, showing additional artwork behind it. This time we can see an art of one of the locations in the game. The only downside here is that the plastic is actually semi-transparent, which is a bit of a shame as you can’t see the art as well as you could have if they would have used a clearer material.


In this steel case you will also find an art book. Though small, the presentation is pretty nice, with a sturdy cover and thick pages. It features colorful art of scenes, characters and weapons from the game.





All in all, the limited edition isn’t too bad. It’s a simple collector’s item, with few extras, but it has a nice presentation, and the small art book is a welcome bonus. It’s not really worth paying a lot more for, but on the plus side it won’t take up a lot of extra room as opposed to some of the larger limited editions.