Collector's Editions

InFamous Special Edition

InFamous released in Europe in May of 2009. Buyers could choose between a regular version, or this limited edition.


What’s nice about this edition is that it in some ways resembles a comic book: from the material (paper), to the style of the drawings, to the panel-like grid on the cover, to the way the case folds open.


The case is entirely made of paper, which looks quite nice but at the same time makes the box more prone to damaging. These kind of paper cases often get squashed, resulting in dents en crinkles. What’s also annoying is the sticker placed right on top of the artwork at the bottom. Why couldn’t it be on the seal?

When folded open, the inner sleeve displays a bunch of colorful artworks on both the front and the back.



The game also comes with an art book, but it is even thinner than the manual. It does contain some cool artwork though. There’s also a code included for a new move to be used in the game.





To conclude, this limited edition is not stunning or very special (as the name suggests), but it does the job. The art book looks a bit like a joke when you first see it, but it’s just meant as a small extra. All in all, not a bad collector’s edition, but not the best I’ve seen either.