Moments in Gaming

Memorable Moments in Gaming: Obtaining the Master Sword

This memorable video game moment is from: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64)


The large stone door inside the Temple of Time has opened. Link enters the sacred chamber. The room is spacious and almost empty, and from the high ceiling a beam of sunlight travels down the middle and makes the object there bathe in light. This object is, of course, the legendary sword of evil’s bane: the Master Sword. It stands firmly into its pedestal, waiting for the Hero of Time to arrive.

As Link approaches the weapon, his footsteps echo against the age-old stone walls. He climbs the steps leading up to the sword. A button prompt appears on the screen: pull. Link’s hands enclose the hilt of the blade, that is almost his own size. Music builds up as Link pulls the sword from its resting place. The camera travels upwards, swirling to a top down perspective, and a magic blue light surrounds Link. The stone carvings of the Triforce around the pedestal start to emit an intense glow. The screen fades to white.


Now the player is transported to the Sacred Realm. A sage awaits him, who explains that while it seems like only a few seconds have passed, in reality Hyrule has seen the passing of seven years. “Look at yourself.” he implores. Link does what he is asked, and discovers he is not longer a child, but a grown adult now.

After this scene the game returns to the Temple of Time. Seven years have passed since Link entered this room. He can now hold the sword in one hand. When he swings it, his voice has changed dramatically as well, from the high pitched child’s voice to a deeper adult one. Outside things have taken a turn for the worse, and Hyrule Town has changed into a zombie infested waste land. But that’s just the beginning. Since Ganondorf has seized power, everywhere in Hyrule problems have arisen. Now that he is able to handle the Master Sword, it is time for the true Hero of Time to set things right.