Collector's Editions

Killzone 2 Limited Edition

Killzone 2 was released in 2009, exclusively for PlayStation 3. In Europe, a limited edition steelbook was released alongside the regular game. The only difference between this collector’s edition and the normal one is the case. It does not come with any extras.


It’s a pretty nice looking box though, with the dark tones contrasting with the bright red eyes of the Helghast, and the overall matte look and feel of the case.


Like all steelbooks, it looks best when taken out of the plastic sleeve, without all the additional text and logos covering the picture.



The back features some Helghan writing. I’ve tried looking up what it said, but it seemed like gibberish.


There is some art on the inside of the case, depicting tow Helghast in a destroyed warzone.


And that’s basically all there is to it. Nothing amazing, but a nice looking box nonetheless. It’s not a valuable collector’s item at all, and can easily be found second hand for modest prices, so that’s good news to people who haven’t got it in their collection yet but would like to. A decent collector’s edition.