Collector's Editions

Halo 4 Limited Edition

Halo 4 was released in November of 2012 exclusively for Xbox 360. Aside from the regular version, a limited edition was available as well.


The limited edition box is made of sturdy paper and feels quite heavy. It features a minimalistic design of the UNSC logo, with its most distinctive feature being the slanting corner.


You can also see a small metal plate with a number engraved in it. Apparently this is the unique number of the limited edition. I’m not sure wether it’s a random number or if the limited editions are actually numbered from 1 to the highest, I’m not sure. But if the latter is the case, that means there are a lot of limited editions (at least over 600.000), which in turn means that it isn’t very rare.

The box opens and closes using a magnet hidden inside the lid.


The first thing you’ll see when opening the box is a steelbook. It has the same minimalistic approach as the outer box, but this one has a bright color. There are 2 discs inside to account for all the data of the game.



The other contents together are called the UNSC Infinity Briefing Packet. It contains the following four items.


The red bag can be opened and closed at the top and contains four leaflets: a download code for Forward Unto Dawn (a live action movie), a 14 day trial for Xbox Live Gold, a bunch of DLC items, and a very interesting warning document.


There is also a silver bag. This contains a ‘mission briefing’, but I’m not going to tear my limited edition to shreds. This is just a piece of paper with some information anyway.


An armor schematic for Gabriel Thorne printed on a fold out plastic sheet. It may look like paper on the photo but it’s not, it’s sort of like the canvas of a tent. This gives it a high quality feel.



A ‘clipboard’ containing all sorts of information on weapons, a welcome notice and some letters. This is a pretty cool item: it has a hard piece of transparent plastic on the back, and a metal clip with the Infinity logo engraved in it on top.




There are some loose documents included as well, such as a letter to Gabriel Thorne.


What I find a bit strange is that all the contents are loose in the box, causing them to shake around inside. Especially the steelbook would have benefitted from another protective paper shell that fits neatly inside the outer box. In addition, this means there is some extra space in the outer box, making it prone to denting, even though the material is pretty sturdy overall.

All in all this is a pretty good limited edition. There are a few minor complaints, like the poorly protected contents and the fact that you have to tear one of the items apart to get to the contents, but there are also some cool items inside, and you get quite a lot of extras.

I’m not sure I would recommend it for its full price unless you’re a huge Halo fan, but for a reduced price it’s definitely worth considering.