The Order 1886 deserves a sequel

The Order 1886 was the first original IP and also the first full-scale console game by Ready At Dawn, a studio previously charged with making portable spin off versions and HD remasters of big Sony franchises. With The Order presented as one of the major PlayStation 4 exclusives of 2015, expectations were high. But when the game came out, it was widely met with a lukewarm response by critics and gamers. The game seems to have fallen victim to two things: an enormous level of hype and wrong expectations.

The Order is a story heavy game. And story heavy in this case really means story heavy, as the game takes you through a carefully scripted campaign that doesn’t let you stray far from its path. When it comes down to it, it is an uncompromising cinematic experience. It follows its own course and does it with an amount of conviction and polish that really drags you into the game’s universe.

The world is also one of the game’s strongest points, brought to life by the stunning visual presentation, a tangible and thick atmosphere and believable performances of the various characters. The game delivers a solid and intriguing story that keeps you interested all the way to the end, led by a cast of characters with their own ideals, dilemmas and objectives, keeping you questioning which side you are on.

Friend and foe alike will agree on one thing: the graphics of The Order are truly incredible. For a cinematic title like this it certainly helps to get the player soaked up into the gloomy and atmospheric world the developers have constructed. On top of that, the widescreen aspect ratio that the creators opted for helps to accentuate the cinematic experience while giving a sense of breadth, lending a certain weight to each environment.

The art direction in The Order is top notch. The weapons and gadgets you get to use in the course of the game are original but at the same time make sense in the game’s universe. One gun lets you fire an electric charge that packs a powerful punch, while another creates a cloud of gas that can be ignited to create an explosion. Each weapon in the arsenal has its own feel and purpose, with a design that fits really well with the setting of the game. It’s steampunk and high-tech at the same time, simultaneously feeling unique and logical.

In conclusion, The Order is an IP that has a lot of potential. With videogames we often see the best results in the second or even third iteration, when the foundation has been laid and, having identified the different strengths and weaknesses, the creators can then focus on improving each aspect of the game. Meanwhile, the ending of the game leaves things open for a follow-up, and the story and world are interesting enough to be explored further. In short, there’s a solid foundation that can be improved upon, and it’s disappointing to realize this may never happen.

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  • Prfct

    I think it does… but I bought it on a sale for 5us$ so that might have skewed my perception of value of the game. I was so blown away by the graphics and I really liked the plot, yes it was short and I’d probably have bitched about it if I had paid 60us$… but then again I’d probably would have not bought it because I would have seen the reviews. It was an excellent ride for 5us$.

    • $5 is a steal. But really, the game is about 7 hours, more if you go for some extras. It really isn’t THAT short, there are full price games that are shorter.

      • Prfct

        I agree but I wouldn’t have paid 60us$ for a 7 hour game without multiplayer… I’d probably had waited for a sale anyway… 40us$ would have been affordable if I really loved some aspect of it… 20us$ I’d have totally jumped into it just to experience the story.

      • Limit Break

        Please read this. I am really not trying to sound like a dick here. You banned me before I could post it.. Please do post it to “Full Options” too. Also, I loved Amsterdam, was there last August.

        And that is it…? Snarky comment and… that’s it ? Not even a try to justificate MGSV in the face of it’s origins ? Just this…? …I am very dissapointed in you, you seemed as someone who could actually take me on…
        Well… I guess I should apologize after all…
        I behaved like a dick, I know, but I did so because I hoped you people would be able to stand up and actually justify MGSV’s utter lack of direct story content and actual ending…
        No, seriously, guys, I am apologizing… I love, or perhaps loved MGS as much as anybody… But I can’t take it anymore… I just can’t…
        Sorry, Nyxus, I believe you did a lot of work for this community, hope you do more if such need arises.
        But I quit, it hurst way too much to keep on loving this series… I am sorry for whatever inconvenience I made you go through… I hope you understand. I just wanted to make you people rebel one last time, no matter how pathetic it would’ve made me look. Hope you’ll excuse me.
        This is good, isn’t it ?

        • Just to be clear, I didn’t ban you. That was a decision by one of the mods. But I removed your ban.

          • Limit Break

            No problem, it’s fine 😉

  • I couldn’t agree more – criminally underrated game. A technical marvel and a really fun schlocky story. Also – the alternative history theme nails it in terms of a fantasy London. I’d be a day 1 for a sequel.

  • twinspectre

    what about Nope

  • iEatNapkinz

    I was looking forward to this game for a long time before it came out. Definitely hyped up to play it. I ended up seeing the reviews and it steered me away from buying it, although I was very curious to try it out anyway. I ended up renting it at a Redbox and beat it in 3 sittings. I enjoyed The Order very much but would probably have been disappointed if I spent $60 to buy it. I ended up buying it for $5 as well when it was on the PSN Flash Sale. I’ll definitely give it another go whenever I’m done with my backlog. I just saw an article about how the developers wanted to right all the wrongs and make a sequel to prove themselves and that Sony doesn’t seem too interested at the moment. I would definitely like a sequel to it so they can continue the story. I’d also like to have some sort of co-op/online play. If they could do a PvP similar to The Last of Us style of PvP, I would be extremely excited


    Yes…..Bring a sequel and make it have multiplayer components PLEASE!!!!

  • MiamiBeachMedMan

    “The Order 1886 deserves a sequel”

    No. The Order:1886 DEMANDS a sequel!

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