Mass Effect Limited Collector’s Edition

Mass Effect was released in 2007 for the Xbox 360, and would later appear on other platforms as well. Aside from a standard release, a limited edition was also made available, in the US as a pre-order at certain retailers, and in Europe as a standard release.

The Limited Collector’s Edition comes in a shiny metal box, protected by a colorful plastic sleeve. With the protective sleeve removed, two monochrome images can be seen on either side of the case, each of which representing a side of the battle in the game.


The front shows a large, frontal close up of Saren Arterius, one of the main villains in the game, and his army of Geth below.


The back shows a similar close up, but this time of Commander Shephard, the protagonist (his default face, since the game features customizable characters). Below, we can see some members of his team.


When opened, you will first see the packaging that holds the two discs. It has a handy opening in the corner that can be used to lift the box from the case.


The case consists of a paper wallet with a transparent disc holder inside.


Behind the transparent plastic are the same artworks as the ones on the metal box.


The other side depicts a scene of Commander Shephard and his team, with Saren’s eyes looming above, and on the back a star-filled section of the universe.


Also included in this edition is an art book titled ‘A Future Imagined’. It doesn’t have a hard cover, but it has a rather nice wide format. It contains beautiful black and white and colored artworks depicting environments and characters from the game.





Furthermore, there is a small booklet called ‘Galactic Codex: Essentials – Edition 2183’, which is sort of a handbook containing information on the game’s universe, such as the species, a time line, and the different planets the player can visit.





Though nothing too spectacular, this is a decent collector’s edition. It contains the elements you would expect: a nice presentation, an art book, and some bonus content with behind-the-scenes videos. Not too shabby for its relatively low price at launch (around 70 euros).

  • alexpolt

    Hello. Is it possible to make the photos of all ‘Galactic Codex: Essentials – Edition 2183’ content? 🙂 Or maybe can I find somewhere only this booklet? I have a copy of ME, but I very need some information from this Essential Codex. Please, please! 🙁

    • Nyxus

      That would be a lot of work. But I think you should be able to find a lot of information about the game online (check the game’s Wikia for example).

      • alexpolt

        Ok, thank you for answer. There is a lot of information that can be found only in this Codex-booklet. If it’s possible, can you help with only one question? What this Codex said about Council’s first contact with batarians? It was around 200 BCE or, for example, “soon after volus established their Embassy on Citadel”?
        On ME.wikia users didn’t find the answer too, this period of time describes only in the booklet. But it’s content not published on wikia. (sorry for my English)

        • Nyxus

          I’ve tried looking it up, but it seems like the Codex doesn’t mention batarians at all.

          • alexpolt

            O_o Thank you very much, Nyxus. Sorry, for taking your time.

          • Nyxus

            No problem. Sorry I couldn’t answer your question.

      • alexpolt

        Hello, Nyxus.
        I have read all in-game Codex and planets descriptions, books and comics, Alien race profiles, Cerberus Daily News and Alliance news network, but still there are some questions. On wiki users didn’t know the source of some information – it’s official or someone’s imagination.
        I’m understand that there is a lot of work to post here a photos. But if someday you’ll have a little free time, maybe there will be a possibility to quickly make simple awry photos, compress and send them by e-mail? Click-click-click –> zip –>
        It’s very important for me. Please! Your reply will be very much appreciated.
        Best regards.

        • Nyxus

          Check your email and let me know if it’s alright. 🙂

          • alexpolt

            I can’t believe it! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! Many thanks!!! :)))
            All photos are great! I can’t thank you enough!!!

            P.S. Thank you again!!! 🙂

          • Nyxus

            No problem, they were just quick photos so they don’t look too good, but hopefully you’ll be able to read the text.

          • alexpolt

            Text is readable. Nyxus, thank you very-very-very much!

          • Nyxus

            Good. If there’s something you can’t read let me know.

          • sharpbat

            Hey Nyxus,
            I want to introduce the Mass Effect universe to my friend (and hopefully get him to play the awesome games!) so I am looking for a document describing ME history without any spoilers. The Galactic Codex Essentials Edition 2183 seems like the perfect thing because it’s short, to the point, and with pictures.
            If it’s not too much trouble is it possible for you to forward me the photos as well? I’d really appreciate it.

            Thanks for your time 🙂

          • Nyxus

            Sure, I’ll send them to you. Sorry for the late reply, I was away.

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