Persona 5: Take Your Heart Premium Edition

Persona 5: Take Your Heart Premium Edition
Platform: PlayStation 4
Year: 2017
Region: PAL

Persona 5 released in Europe on April 4th of 2017, with two versions being available at launch: the Steelbook Launch Edition and the more elaborate Take Your Heart Premium Edition (which contains the same steelbook). In Europe, there’s no regular version available during the launch period, so everyone who buys the game on release will get the steelbook edition, with the regular version probably coming to stores from the second print onwards. In any case, back to the Take Your Heart Edition.

The first thing you’ll notice about this edition is the uncommon shape of the box: it’s very tall but not as thick as some other collector’s editions or as you would expect from its height. The portrait shaped front provides plenty of space for a nice piece of artwork featuring the characters from the game. Both sides are decorated as well.

When you remove the outer sleeve, the box decorations switches to landscape style, and the illustrations of the characters than can be found here are placed next to each other with paper tear marks between them. Four of the characters are on the front, and four others on the back of the box.

The box opens like a suitcase, with the lid held shut using a magnetic seal.

So let’s take a look at all the goodies inside.

First of all, the game itself. As mentioned earlier, this is the steelbook edition, and it looks fittingly stylish, with black and silver contrasted by bright red.

When folded open you get a sort of panoramic artwork of the game’s cast.

There’s also some colorful artwork on the inside of the case.

Next, a hardcover artbook titled ‘Persona 5: The Aesthetics’ with of character artworks, settings, and other illustrations. There’s also some commentary by character designer Shigenori Soejima in which he sheds some light on the making of this game. Pretty neat.

A soundtrack is also included. Titled ‘Sounds of Rebellion’, the cd comes in a paper sleeve. This is probably disappointing to some, but considering how prone jewel cases are to breaking, this may actually be a blessing in disguise. The cd contains 19 tracks.

Then there’s the Morgana plush. Not much that can be said about this. It’s a plush.

Finally, the ‘Shujin Highschool Duffel Bag’. The lining on the inside is in the style of the protagonists’ pants. Yes, really. It’s a pretty neat detail though.

In conclusion, a pretty cool collector’s edition that’s also decently priced for the contents included. All the items are exclusive to this edition (although the steelbook is also available separately at launch), and the presentation is very well done too.

  • Zuyok Zuev

    If only i had money for this edition… Steelbook is all i can afford..

  • Full Options

    OT : for those interested, consequent Uncharted 4’s retail price drop.. ;D

    • Limit Break

      Wait, don’t dismiss this just yet. Please do post this to Nyxus guy in case he didn’t read it… He banned me before I could post it. Hope the fact I cared enough to find a post on another forum other then Metal Gear Informer tells you how much I wanted you to read this. Sorry.

      And that is it…? Snarky comment and… that’s it ? Not even a try to justificate MGSV in the face of it’s origins ? Just this…? …I am very dissapointed in you, you seemed as someone who could actually take me on…
      Well… I guess I should apologize after all…
      I behaved like a dick, I know, but I did so because I hoped you people would be able to stand up and actually justify MGSV’s utter lack of direct story content and actual ending…
      No, seriously, guys, I am apologizing… I love, or perhaps loved MGS as much as anybody… But I can’t take it anymore… I just can’t…
      Sorry, Nyxus, I believe you did a lot of work for this community, hope you do more if such need arises.
      But I quit, it hurst way too much to keep on loving this series… I am sorry for whatever inconvenience I made you go through… I hope you understand. I just wanted to make you people rebel one last time, no matter how pathetic it would’ve made me look. Hope you’ll excuse me.
      This is good, isn’t it ?

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        Come on mate, just check, stay sure everybody loving MG is our friend. No need to apologize but express your ideas smoothly. Don’t quit buddy, there are a lot of friends having the same posture but keeping their pain next. All the best.

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          It’s just that MGS was my religion… Thanks for understanding. Also, I was kinda tipsy, but trust me – I tend to be much more trustful, sadly, while tipsy, rather then while sober.
          But I’ll try to be good. I’ll really try. Hope you’ll welcome my tries.

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            MG is my religion since a long time (and still, right after Death Stranding). You’ll do just fine. We were all destroyed at what Konami did. You can of course be upset. Your arguments can be aggressive, no problem about that. Just focus on your points. All the best buddy.

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        Nyxus just unbanned you. Welcome Mother base, now.

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