Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival
Platform: Wii U
Year: 2015
Region: PAL

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival was released in November of 2015, exclusively for Wii U. It comes as a bundle containing the game, two Amiibo figures and a set of Amiibo cards.

The box itself looks nice: colorful cardboard with a window in the front showing the two figurines.


The two Amiibos are Isabelle and Digby. They look nice and detailed, and represent their ingame counterparts well. Unlike most Amiibos included in bundles, these two don’t come in a closed box , meaning you can use them without damaging the packaging.


Then there’s a packet with three Amiibo cards, used to play the minigames. These three cards (Goldie, Stitches and Rosie) are only available in this bundle.


The boxart for the game is pleasing to the eye as well, full of color. It needs to be said though that the game itself isn’t considered to be very good, and is actually a blatant effort to sell more Amiibos and cards. Basically it is a vehicle to make people purchase them, which is why it’s in the title of the game itself.


However the price the bundle could be found for just a few months after release made it worth it for the Amiibos alone. We got it for around 15 euros, a price you’d normally pay for a single Amiibo, and you get a nice looking box to display on your shelf.